Deep Finesse News:

Nov 26, 1999. Deep Finesse version 1.6 released.  Bug fix version.  No new features.

Nov 1999. The ACBL's Bridge Bulletin reviews Deep Finesse, calling it "Double Dummy Dynamite."

Oct 23, 1999. Deep Finesse version 1.5 released. This version has improved deal cataloging and browsing facilities.

Oct 14, 1999. Deep Finesse reviewed in the NY Times: "Deep Finesse makes short work of longstanding challenge...questions answered speedily and efficiently."

Sept 13, 1999. Deep Finesse version 1.4 released. This version adds partial deal support.

Sept 1, 1999. Deep Finesse version 1.3 released. Demo version available for free, immediate download.

July 26, 1999.  Deep Finesse showcased during the finals of the Spingold competition at the summer NABC in San Antonio. Deep Finesse performed on-the-fly, real-time analysis of the deals being played for spectator's benefit.

July 6, 1999.  Free trial download available to general public.

June 1, 1999. Palo Alto. Deep Finesse Software first introduces its flagship product, the Interactive Bridge Hand Analyzer.

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