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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Why are all cards visible?
A. The current version of deep finesse is a double-dummy analyzer only. That means hands are solved with knowledge of every cards location. Accordingly, you see every card on the screen. A version that supports single-dummy play (where two hands are hidden) is coming soon.
Q. Where is the bidding?
A. Bidding is irrelevant when you are performing double-dummy analysis. There are no inferences to be drawn, you can see the location of all cards.
Q. In "Always" autoplay mode, why does Deep Finesse sometimes make strange looking card choices?
A. Deep Finesse chooses randomly among winning plays in this mode; or randomly among losing plays if no winners are available. Because of this, Deep Finesse will not always make the most "normal" looking plays but rest assured that they are sound given the deal under consideration. For example, Deep Finesse might duck an early trick because it sees a complicated squeeze that will win a trick back later.

Also, Deep Finesse currently gives no special preference to lines that produce overtricks - they are treated simply as winning lines just like those that make a contract exactly. To search for overtricks, modify the contract and re-analyze the hand.

Q. The screen looks cluttered to me with all those winning and losing labels on the cards. Can I do anything about it?
A. Yes. You can turn off either set of marks by clicking the toggles in the lower left corner of the screen. For example, the author prefers leaving on only the winning marks. That way, if a card is unlabeled, it is implicitly a losing play (or illegal).
Q. Deep Finesse only runs on Windows 95+ based PCs. Is a MAC port planned?
A. Maybe. It depends on whether Apple continues to rebound. Managing lots of ports is not a trivial matter so it will be driven by the number of requests for a MAC port that we receive.
Mail questions to: support@deepfinesse.com
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